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A huge influence to this competition and site was Chatbot Battles, located at:

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Academic Background (Algodan, 2011):
  • Ritchie, Binsted – linguistic analysis of jokes [2004] – punning riddle [Binsted and Ritchie, 1994] – e.g.: “What do you call a murderer with fibre? A cereal killer.
  • Stock, Strapparava – large scale lexical resources, semantic relations, creative variations – funny acronyms [2003] – e.g.: “MIT = Mythical Institute of Theology
  • Nijholt, Tinholt – humorous agents: interaction, appropriatedness, humorous acts – anaphorical puns [2004] – e.g.: “Mary asked Susan a question, and she gave the answer” “Did Mary give the answer?”

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