Submission Rules
All submitted comedybots must follow the rules defined on this page. They must also follow the contest format described as the three stages.

The Funniest Computer Ever competition is open to many kinds of computer comedians. They can run on websites, be downloadable, run on Skype, or even on mobile platforms Android and iOS. They can be written in any programming language. The computer comedian simply needs to have a text interface that allows for interaction with a human judge.

Rules for entering are:
1) Language: Only English speaking computer comedians are allowed to enter (this year).
2) Number: A maximum of 1 (one) comedy bot submission per person.
3) Accessibility: Your computer comedian must be downloadable as a standalone program from the internet or run over the internet.
4) Output: Output from the program must be able to be copy/pasted/saved by the judges. This also applies to mobile apps.
5) Pricing: Apps must be free to download or a copy of the paid version must be accessible to all judges for free. Apps that are paid for must have their costs reimbursed.
6) Operation : Submissions should not simply be a live chat to a real human. Ensuring your comedy bot is entirely real-human free is part of the contest's honour code.

Contest Calendar:
Deadline to Enter: October 1, 2013
Announcement of Winners: December 2013

Judges: The judges are those who have contributed significant amounts to the prize fund through indiegogo. None of the judges will have a bot in the contest to ensure fairness. The judges will be totally impartial and fair to all entries regardless of the bot type or the owner. The judges' decision is considered final.

Future: The plan is to run this contest every year until 2020 at which point we hope to be having entries go head to head against live human stand-ups in front of a live human audience.

Note: The rules and guidelines may be changed at any time to ensure fairness. It is impossible to forsee all the events that may arise during the contest so Funniest Computer Ever may have to make amendments to the rules to ensure the smooth running of the contest.

These rules were lovingly inspired by the ChatbotBattles Rules.